We believe our videos speak for themselves, so rather than telling you, let us show you…

And if that didn’t get you across the line, surely this will…

Video content is the highest viewed content on the internet:

Google ranks videos higher than any other search results.
Google displays videos with an icon instead of text – 80% of users will click on a video before any other search return.
Average time spent looking at an online listing is 20-30 seconds.
Average time spent looking at a video is 60-90seconds.
Most viewers will not read text & only view a listing for its photography, utilising a voice over the viewer can be told all about the home, location and features in around 1 minute.

Video content is infinitely more engaging and shareable, meaning your listing reaches further audience than a standard listing Facebook’s platform enables targeting of video to specific demographics, locations & even suburbs in New Zealand and abroad. Facebook videos typically receive 3x the view count of a TradeMe listing.

Pictures tell a thousand words, videos play 25 pictures per second.

But why let us tell you, why not let us show you? Contact us today to experience how video can improve your campaign reach.

It’s 2016, why are you marketing your listings like it’s 1996?

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